Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Favorites from Healthcare

Rehab from heart events.

      I may have mentioned it a time or five, that I seem to spend a great deal of time in hospitals and clinics these days. Nope not sick, just working hard for a favorite client.

     The more frequently I shoot a specific topic, the more I'm challenged to find something different, while trying to get to the heart of the matter of the message that we want to convey. Sometimes the solution is the lighting scheme, sometimes the subjects will present something during the shoot that you haven't anticipated while preparing with some pre-production brainstorming. It's always satisfying when this leads to a picture that accomplishes the goal, especially when, more often than not, I have to squeeze these shoots into a tiny hole in the practitioner's schedule.

      I have also realized I haven't shown many of these along the way, partly because they are all embargoed until the client uses them.

      Now I can share a few favorites.

Podiatrist and foot health; only had about 10 minutes to make this work...
Vaccine time.

Health insurance Doc and Exec talks about Children's health
Discussing stomach procedures to deal with weight issues.

Exercise to stave off the effects of aging.

Pain management allows 90-something to return to the links.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Meaningful moments

Nah, no fun here....
Intensity of creation.

          Active and telling moments.


          Unique perspective.

          All of these can define some of the key elements of photojournalism. They can also define the most powerful images that tell the stories of the heart of a business in action.

          Such was the case of a recent client, Make Meaning, who opened a store in Scottsdale Quarter to begin their expansion outside of Manhattan.

Dino cake.
 Children and adults spend time in the Make Meaning store, creating. Pottery, jewelry, candles, even funky bath soap and funkier cakes; paint, frosting, glitter, wax, fragrance, glass, fill the bright airy environment with a creative energy that might have even made the photography better. 
Fragranced wax pour.
           So, as they began the life of their Scottsdale location, at their request, I also spent time in their store doing what I do best, telling stories, creating images, documenting moments. Doing what I do for my clients, telling the stories of their business, their clients and their people, showing the action and energy that makes their business what it is.
Brotherly advice
         In my "elevator speech" I tell people that this is what I do. I tell your stories. I show the world what makes your business special. I take that passion, and experience of visual story-telling, honed in publication work, in homes and businesses here in Phoenix, and in clinics and in villages around the world, and apply it to bring out the best of your stories.
Always find a way to use a perfectly good mirror!

The important process of selecting jewelry parts

See what my kids came up with?!
Loves her job.