Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Faces of a campaign

Child-friendly docs at Goodnight Pediatrics.
Louis Basile, creator, owner of Wildflower Bread Company.
      Since May, I've been working with The National Bank of Arizona and Custom Publications at the Arizona Republic to create a series of images highlighting many Arizona businesses in an ongoing campaign with the paper and Channel 12.

In the Prisma Graphic printing facility the hardest part was picking just one or
two spots to photograph Bob Anderson, center, owner.
      It has been among the most diverse projects I've been involved in as a photographer. I love feeling a part of the team that is communicating a comprehensive message.

      I love working with this variety of businesses and people, showing off their workspace, their products, their faces of the business in their company settings, showing off who they are, and what they do.

Photographing a talented colleague in Dan Vermillion, a little like photographing old friends.
      Most of all, I love recording and working with their enthusiasm. The enthusiasm is contagious and feeds the photography. 

Beau Lane and crew, working on new campaigns,
some having SOMETHING to do with pro football.
      This time it is comprehensive:
One specific project; business owners, who they are, and what they do while allowing me to bring all of my skills to bear, lighting, study of personality, interaction, emotion and even sports photography.

       Yup, even sports photography.

      The essence of sports photography is reflex and timing, making an image at the peak moment, getting the timing of your shutter release just right. This crosses over to just about anything that requires a bit of timing to get just the right look......
......Like effortlessly floating a football in an office setting.

      I love it because it is something I have always enjoyed doing in journalism, the Environmental Portrait.  The EP is simply photographing the featured person in their company environment and including elements that give us insight into the story we're telling about that person. Having the tools and the time to do it well, puts a, um, whole new face on the project.
...and for all of their hard work? Lots of hardware,
including, for Beau, an Ad2 Ad Person of the Year in 2013.

Notice a more complete sense of place, photographing owner, Jo Gemmill through a
frame of patrons, with the Queen "presiding" from the corner.
English Rose Tea Room, an oasis of a proper English Tea.
Kerry Dunne of R-Entertainment, loves a good show.
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