Monday, May 25, 2015

There're no umbrellas in basketball!!! Well, maybe.....

      So, what do you do when you have a specific time window to do a picture about an active family that, among other things, loves basketball? How do we do this while avoiding the perennial human condition caused be looking into the sun, known as squinty-eye?

      Of course, you set up a 16-foot ladder with 12-foot light stands with umbrellas (and don't forget the sandbags for the lightstands).

      This shoot was for a recent Go Kid magazine cover produces by the Arizona Republic's Custom Publications division for Banner Health. Go Kid is a 3-4 times-annually publication for which I shoot covers and sometimes for some interior content.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Playing with Fire

      There's just something about fire and sparks.

      We respond to it immediately, it's exciting, like a dramatic event unfolding in front of us. So, of course I have to use that when shooting a short story for Su Casa Magazine about Phoenix artist Adam Carter, who makes interesting metal sculpture for the home.

     Working with slow shutter speeds and just the minimally-needed amount of strategically-placed remote flash, we end up with a nicely-lit image, recorded with a slow shutter speed, that allows sparks to etch sharp streaks of light across the image.   

Adam Carter prepares pieces of steel for the next project in his workshop-studio.
One of two studio strobes skims the steel to light up the rim of the fire pit.
      Photographing his final work in place presented interesting challenges, including lighting up the art, and the building in the background while also allowing the gas-fed fire pit to appear alight rather than just looking like a blue light casting illumination on the sand.

      Meanwhile, in order to not overpower the fire with artificial lighting, I needed to position strobes to the left and right of the fire pit, positioned across the fire pit, from the camera position thus allowing light to skim across the steel frame, without overpowering the illumination generated by the fire, while forming shadows in the sand pattern. I also added an additional light to fill in the front side of the frame to show off the face of the pit.

Adam Carter enjoys playing with fire.

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

No Schutt-out here.....

A quick share.
IN the middle of a flurry of assignments with my two regular clients, the Schutt Sports folks asked me to do a commercial shoot in the form of a simple baseball game, with their gear in action protecting the 13 and 14 year-old players in a tournament.
While I haven't shot much baseball in quite some time, it seems I can still hit some, er, um, base hits and steal some bases when I need to.
And the client was pretty pleased with the results as well.