Thursday, March 24, 2011

Golden-hour Golans

     A friend pointed out that it has been nearly two months since I last posted, and to some degree, that means that I've been busy making photographs.

     So, time to share a few of those that are not still embargoed by various clients and project statuses (or is that stati).

     A few weeks ago a dear friend's daughter and family dropped by for a visit, and for some family images in nature. We chose one of the more breathtaking settings I know in the area, not saying where, and headed out during those beautifully-lit last couple hours of daylight (the golden hour(s) in case your taking notes).

     With the energized attention spans of the smaller folks, they tire quickly of any positioning or posing that we grownups can invent. While it is always a good idea to have a few poses in mind when you head out, it's not unusual, and in fact critical sometimes, to throw out those ideas and see where the children lead you. Where they usually lead is to better quick poses and active portraiture that better fits their personalities.