Sunday, January 18, 2009

The Joy of Teaching my favorite craft.

I spent my Saturday morning talking about one of my favorite things. Photography, of course.
The Fountain Hills Photo Club asked me to put a workshop together, to help some folks with their foundations in the discipline that I am lucky enough to earn a living with.
I can prepare for weeks trying to be sure that the explanations are clear to folks for whom f/stops and shutter speeds are not second nature, but, unless they are eager, I will not be as effective as I always strive to be in teaching.
I have to thank all of you who were there for asking great questions and not letting me off the hook until you were sure you understood each concept.
I and some of my professional friends say that we do not make photographs all by ourselves. We make them WITH our subjects. It is this collaboration of subject and photographer that often make better photographs.
I think that the same is true when teaching. I try to be sure everyone understands a concept before we move on, but it is those who keep asking the questions until they get it, who help to make these workshops effective.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

WTAP under CNN's eye

Earning more Kudos, the Welcome to America Project in Metro-Phoenix reached out to refugee families last Saturday in front of a CNN camera for an upcoming Heroes segment. With a full crew making light work of heavy furniture and other household goods, WTAP furnished the homes of three families including two from Burma/Myanmar and one from Sudan. While the adults moved the big pieces the young volunteers made new friends, bridging language barriers with new toys for the refugee children. As volunteers shook hands and welcomed their new neighbors, some of the grateful refugees, moved by the generosity, rewarded them with big hugs.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

WTAP to be on CNN

One of my NGO clients, the Welcome to America Project, will be in front of CNN cameras during the weekly deliveries to Phoenix area refugees on Saturday. We will be out to document the documenters. The organization started in the aftermath of 9-11 as the founders, Phil and Carolyn Manning were touched be an article about a recently-arrived Afghan family who had nothing. A few images from a delivery last fall, Volunteers assembling furniture and otherwise helping set up furnishings delivered to refugees from Burma and elsewhere.