Monday, August 31, 2015

Another quick post from the field before heading back out for three days....

     We visted a couple of rural schools on the  outskirts of Juba, set up for kids who had never been to school before. to give them a headstart. The first school, I swear was a Sudanese version of Laura Ingalls Wilder meeting her kids at the dusty prairie school.
     Dark classrooms made for interesting challenges overcoming too slow shutter speeds and strobes the didn't always bounce they way you expect off of mud walls, tin roofs and black board!
     Off to on the road for a few days of work off the grid. 

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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

My workplace today. POC 3 Camp, South Sudan

           Just a few quick shares from the work in Juba, South Sudan. 
           We spent the day documenting an number of aspects of life especially as it pertains to the client, USAID, in POC#3 a camp for protected civilians who fled the internal conflict within the country.
          The images were shot on the day that a peace agreement has been signed by the warring factions leadership to end the fighting. 
          Meanwhile people in POC#3 continue their routine, including getting water that is trucked in daily for all of their household needs.
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