Thursday, December 24, 2009

Mike the Bike Elf II: A Day of Giving

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays!
This is my Christmas card to all of you who follow.

     For some of us this time of year is about family and faith, for others it's about giving and maybe being a little nicer to people around you. For some its about all of those things and more.
      For Mike McIlroy, his family, friends and supporters, it is also about bikes for kids who probably have never owned one before and who certainly could not afford one right now.
     I have had the privilege this season of sweetening the spirit by being a witness to the Pedal Power Foundation in Tempe this year, documenting their work in photographs. Saturday the 19th they gave away about 75 bikes to kids in central Phoenix. Some kids were so excited they were stunned, while others just couldn't stand still.
     One by one, they received their shiny new wheels and a helmet, got a helmet fitting from Phoenix PD officer Arnie, got a few tips on the rules of the road and headed home with their new-found freedom.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Love is...

....sharing your talents with your family...

     I shoot maybe one wedding a year, not really pursuing it as a part of my business model, but open to the idea under the right circumstances, depending mostly upon schedule. In this tough economy, it's something that bears revisiting as a part of the big picture of what my business as a photojournalist in commercial photographer, is about.

   As with the wedding I photographed in April, I was very pleased with the results as I photographed some of the highlights of my neice Ryan's wedding and unofficially providing some back-up to the very talented Debbie Moon of Photography by Moonlight.

   Especially when you have a dynamic wedding before you, what a great way to record the day by using the photojournalism/documentary style!