Friday, October 12, 2012

The Gift of Gestures

          Bill Clinton is a gift.

          Yeah, yeah, if you are Republican, that statement probably makes you cringe, especially in our absurdly polarized political climate, but this is not a political comment. Political photography is like any photography making pictures that work. I like any speaker who helps out the process.

          He is a gift because unlike many speakers, even at the national level, he gestures constantly, drives home his points and backs it up with a nice variety of passionate, emotive facial expressions.

          Wednsday night was the first opportunity, 12 years after his presidency, that I've had to photograph him, when he came to town to lend his support to the democrat running for Senate, Rich Carmona.

          It's the first time I've been able to look upon him from the perspective of making an image. At big events such as this, photographers are often more hemmed in, it is more difficult to create a broad variety of images based on moving around to get different perspectives and compositions. You have two choices that are under your control, moving around the small media pen, shooting from the riser and from ground level, and you can change lenses to include more or less information than the previous frame.

          When it is an event at a podium, it is up to the performer to provide a third variable, expression and movement. Pres. Clinton paid in full, providing the variable that really multiplies your visual options.
          You may see more images at Corbis Images.
The gestures are spreading!