Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Vital Signs: healthcare and the workload

Vols react as a virtual patient suddenly speaks at Banner's training hospital
It's all based on vitals signs.

One of Banner's sleep disorder experts
And scans.

And health maintenance.

It seems photography can be a very healthy practice. Just try pushing a carload of lighting gear around the labyrinth of passages and hallways of a hospital that has undergone multiple expansions over the years (most hospitals). Stretch out, bring your walking shoes, its a great workout!

Lately, the health care industry here in the Valley of the Sun has been providing the workout, keeping the vital signs of D'Elia Photographic in a good place,

A number of entities have kept me running, documenting moments and making portraits to tell the stories of new facilities and programs, while dispensing advice on health maintenance, stress management, kids' health, mens' health and other common health concerns.

A PCH pediatric surgeon
Some say that in tough times, health care is the one thing that remains relatively stable.  "They" actually point out that now health care is the one industry that is actually growing thanks to the numbers of aging baby boomers who are beginning to need more care. I actually heard a comment to this effect about six months before these projects began developing in quick succession

While contributing to an increased pace of work, this combination of portraits, documentary, action, and interior spaces, demonstrates just how diverse the lineup can be for client assignments that are equal parts commercial and editorial/documentary in scope.

Phoenix Childrens Hospital expands
It supports the philosophy that a photographer steeped in editorial sensibilities does not simply leave those skills behind as the diet develops a more commercial flavor, rather, they get thrown into the blender to create a new flavor as unique as the individual photographer.

A commercial photographer's value, enhanced by the editorial background.

So far, this flavor that is keeping healthcare clients pretty happy, is happily challenging my art directors and me to hatch different approaches in creating these images.

Given the relatively limited demographic of our subject-matter, the goal is to save the very clinical settings such as doctors' offices, for when appropriate and necessary, while exploring more visual possibilities, looking for something unexpected on pieces that present more wiggle room.

I love it when the challenge leads us in an interesting direction, you can almost taste the creative energy.

Oh wait, that's coffee.....
A fitness director encourages working out for stress reduction

Psychologist avoids stress of a car breakdown
PCH's new CT Scan lab.

Nurse and patient have a moment.
Scanning for issues in womens health at SMIL.

Staying healthy by getting out to enjoy nature