Thursday, June 18, 2009

Discounting 30% for Independents Week!

The 2018 Golden ticket is here! 

Anyone want to save 30% on a Small Business brand-ready photo shoot?

Light a fire under your visual branding.
Chef Gio Osso
           Local First Arizona is an organization of local business to encourage investing your purchasing dollars with local companies and stores and less at big box and out of state companies. The idea is that by shifting even 10 percent of spending to your local businesses has a real impact on your neighbors and on our local economy.

           For my part, as a sustaining member of LFA, I am also offering a deal with the Golden Ticket.

           I recently began offering a Business Photography Package for smaller businesses to get to work with more of our wonderful local outfits.

           If this package addresses your needs, if you've been putting off using professional photography to improve the presentation of your brand, this just might grab ya.

Here's the deal, take 30% (not 20!) off of my Small Business Package.

Guidance Aviation
Fast Lane auto wraps and window tinting

The Small Business Package:
           Companies up to 50 employees, FIVE hours of photography, which includes 10 final, print and web-ready images to use as you like. Shoots like this, for large companies usually cost about $1600.
The D'Elia Photographic Business Package, on the other hand is only $1,000.
Fast Lane auto wraps and window tinting

WITH THE LOCAL FIRST, GOLDEN TICKET DISCOUNT, this price drops to $700! That's $900 below average market pricing.

           How do we get this rolling?
First, go to the Local First Arizona website and get your Golden Ticket. (actually, if you wanted to, you could probably just drag and drop the coupon above!

           Then, during Indie Week, June 30-July 8, call me at 480-452-5723 or email at and set an appointment to do your shoot. We don't have to complete the shoot that week, we just have to get it on the books.

           Don't forget to go have a look at my website at to see what kind of work I love to do for my clients. Also, feel free to dig deeper into my blog here to see more find things as well.
Victory Lane Sports Park

            I am soooo very lucky to do what I do for a living. Creating photographs as a profession is the BEST! the thing that makes it even better, incredibly cool is getting to work with some really incredible local business owners who have taken advantage of my passion and vision to show of their company and tell their story in a way that excites their customers.  These are the best days at work.

Lets get together and talk about how we can have another great day at work that also takes your business's public face up a few notches!

A&E Recycled Granite
You may also go to the LFA site to find other locals who are participating in the campaign at


Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Portfolio on Lightstalkers

IN the internet and social networking age it never hurts professionals, especially in my field to have more places for people to find me and see my work. Anything to up the odds of gaining new clients on a more regular basis. The Lightstalkers website is an important tool for photogs who are active in documentary/photojournalism and who are traveling from time to time. Be sure to check it out:

Also stay tuned to the impending launch of my brand new shiny website which will appear at

Monday, June 1, 2009

Kirabu and Calvin

I met Calvin Knight in Kampala, Uganda where we were housemates in 2003 in the Visions in Actions program. Me a photojournalist contributing my skill to the Monitor and some NGO's and Calvin taking his experience as a High School teacher in Canada to design some new education materials for the Education Ministry in in Uganda.
My housemates and I quickly learned that Calvin was a guy who not only searches for more way to make friends out of almost anyone he meets, but hungers to make a difference in which ever way he can for his friends and for the people around him.
At least once a week, (or was it more?) he began running an after-school (after his day-job) activities program for kids in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Kampala, Uganda. He took that to the next step, single-handedly organizing a Kampala Kids Day, to educate and entertain these kids with help from ALL of his friends and the Ndere TroupTheatre. I'm not sure who had more fun the Troup, the friends or the kids, but is was an unforgettable event that truly made a difference to these kids.
Once he returned home to Toronto, after his year-long stay, he found a way to share this experience and make an even greater difference to those kids as well as other kids in Lira, a town in the north that is only now beginning the very long road of recovery from war.

He figured out a way to not only make Kids Day annual, but to start another project to make for a lighter work load to some folks in need in Lira.
He founded Kirabu.

This year, for the month of July, Calvin and his Kirabu crew will descend upon Uganda not only to run some fun programs for kids in Lira and Kampala, but to lend a hand to the reconstruction of the Almond Secondary School in Lira

"The school educates and boards over 400 children each year, many of whom are orphans and all of whom have been affected by war and poverty."

The crew also has the chance to develop an understanding of what the region has been through under 20 years of war which included rebel use of child soldiers.

The program not only makes a difference for the kids but aims to create an ever growing group of people committed to helping improve the lives of others.

It is a true exchange that benefits everyone involved.

Don't forget to make your contribution to visually documenting Kirabu's important work so they can move even more folks to join their effort.

Click on the Paypal button at left and make a contribution today.

We can't get there without your help,

You can find even more info about what Clavin and his crew will be doing in Juy at the site,