Friday, May 21, 2010

A photo workshop in Africa

One truly interesting aspect of my work has been for years the opportunity to work with and photograph the projects of international relief and development organizations such as Catholic Relief Services, Save the Children and AmeriCares.

In the process of making some great images, it has been an eye-opener and truly a feel-good thing that I am, if for only short periods of time, a part of the team that is making a difference all over the world.

In the intervening years, as some of you know, I have learned to teach my craft in college and in workshops. I've discovered an enjoyment for sharing this as well with others.

Now, with the help of fellow Phoenix photographer, Laura Martin we have decided to combine the two passions and put on a photo workshop in Uganda.

In the workshop, we will team up photographers with organizations of various sizes, to spend a week photographing the work of those organizations. Through editing, coaching and critique sessions, the photographers will work at improving the quality of their images daily. The organizations will receive a collection of that photographer's images to use in their communications.

Just to sweeten the experience some more we decided to include a proper wildlife safari to the second half of the trip. We think this is going to be a really amazing trip. The full details can be found at the workshop blog at