Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Knee bends, a smooch and the curling bar

        Making Photographs for a three-times a year magazine produced for Banner Health by my client, Custom Publications at the Arizona Republic, while documenting the human interactions and action that speaks to the topic, we're always looking for that one little thing or that big thing that will let us make the image a little or a lot different from what we've done before.

          While working to be sure the topic is well covered, sometimes an idea pops into the imagination and you wonder, "does this even fit with the article?"

          Sometimes the primary shot is just not clear. The best thing to do when subject are willing, is to simply try it. An editor or art director can't say no to photographs that don't exist and they most certainly can't say, "hey that's a great idea," if the image doesn't exist.

         So while working with knee-surgery patient, Jane Lynn and her husband Ferris, at their community fitness center for an article in Banner Health Smarts for Republic Custom Publications, we tried a number of different things over the course of the shoot: wider views that showed other people in the environment, more isolated angles and exercises, and a wonderful little unplanned moment as the couple shared a kiss.

With 140 pounds on the curling bar. Jane and Ferris were great sports,
playing up their roles as hard-working patient encouraged by her chief trainer.
          Once we had this good selection of image options, I wondered whether we should turn this thing on it's ear just a bit and then decide later whether it will fit the article. If it fits then, we have something that pushes the expectation a bit, that will do it's job while grabbing the eyes of page-turning readers. Jane and Ferris were good sports and were enthusiastic to play along. Ultimately, they didn't fit with the article about her recovery from knee surgery, but we all had fun making them and the inspiration will carry over to future assignments.