Wednesday, January 9, 2013

What the? Where did January come from???


Shot from cliff-side, "Relieving Holiday Stress".
January already!

Something like another 7-10,000 shutter trips since the last blog it seems, making images for clients in healthcare, wellness and industry.
Although that number was certainly influenced by a contentious election season, it seems to bode well for the new year.

So much has passed through my lens in the last few months, I just don't even know where to begin. It is a great reminder to anyone who shoots pictures regularly, that the more often you're out the more you grow.

Foot health
To which I add the caveat, I don't care how long you've been at it, if you're not growing and improving, you're doing it wrong!

Breast cancer clinical research
For me, that growth comes in the form of composition and in the form of practice., pushing for one more interesting frame, that extra effort. For me it means going out early, scoping a site the day (or week) before, planning shoots with the earliest and latest light of the day for the best light possible. Sometimes it means getting uncomfortable, it means working in muddy conditions up to your knees, laying on the ground, standing at heights that make you nervous, all to find a frame that is a little different, active, clear, clean and compelling.

Whatever the case, it is time to quit waxing Photographic and just share images.

I've decided to break it up a little so each part of the collection of late has a fair shot at a little bit of spotlight, so, enjoy and stay tuned, there's more to come.
Dr. Andrew Price MD Anderson radiologist
With 15 minutes to light the doc, the machine, balance
with the brightness of the screens while eliminating the
reflections from the window standing between
the doctor and the lens.
Avoiding holiday stress at the Japanese Gardens in Phoenix

Monday, January 7, 2013

Rested up from circus

     I guess I was tired?

     The election-cycle-three-ring-circus wiped me out.

     I am not complaining, it kept me very busy, and sharp. As soon as it was done, my other work took off at a gallop (Stay tuned for those pictures...).
Dem Rich Carmona campaigns for Senate in Phoenix

     In the resulting dust mixed with R&R, I managed to skip making one last post about covering politics in the Valley as the elections neared that point at which we were all saying,  "I can't wait until this is over."

     Of course when you're covering it all, weariness is a luxury that has to wait until the pictures are filed somewhere about 3 a.m. after the winners have been mostly declared.

     I guess now,  I'm not weary anymore, so I wanted to share a few of my favorite images from the run into the end and the night of the big event.

Sen, Daniel Inouye (HI)shows support for Carmona

Repub Trent Franks thanks supporters for his Congressional Win as his son Joshua hangs on.

Confidence was high at Republican HQ in Phoenix
Romney supporters cheer as another state is awarded to their man.
Obama supporters celebrate
Obama supporter celebrates in her own way
Channel 3 was nice enough to provide a background that tells the story.
Love it when the elements come together.