With a blast of action, a remarkable quote, floating on a stream of exciting, punchy or ethereal music, a video can propel a message to excite and motivate clients, customers and supporters into action.

          The best video blends action, music, moments, faces, places and details, scene setters and scene stealers.

          Video is an amazingly versatile tool to propel your stories into the world about that wonderful thing that you do.

          Over the last three years I've been developing the motion category to my D'Elia Photographic services, opening new avenues for my creative and communicative tendencies.

       The practices and instincts I've honed over 30 years of visual story-telling in photography blend nicely into video, similarly directing how I photograph important, poignant and narrative angles and moments. While I've been learning new technical practices, the key foundational aspects such and light, composition, and focus are the same in building the client's visual narrative.

          In a very busy fall my video projects have begun to interweave with photography projects in  the project schedule, presenting an creative and collaborative collection of work.

          We've told the story of Raising Hope Dogs, an organization that uses dogs in their therapies with autistic children to help them navigate challenges in speech, food and social interaction.

          It was a big hit at their fundraiser.

         In collaboration with Read Better Be Better, we forged a recruiting video in short order to attract new site leaders to carry out their expanding literacy program.  We shot seven program locations and five interviews in two weeks, and edited more than 400 gigabytes of material into a three minute piece.

          The program filled the vacancies and stood up 70 programs in schools for third graders this January.

          The latest round of video shoots was topped off with a light project, shooting still and video and Re-Opening day at Ultra Suds Car Wash in west Phoenix, to create a package of event photos and an energetic motion snapshot of the operation to get new customers excited about their business.

          We live in a voraciously visual society where images and video together provide a potent package of inspiration for potential customers and clients. When we show our audiences what is great, they are inspired and excited to take action.