Introducing D'Elia Photographic Motion

    A while back I began working developing my video and video editing skills to bring another offering to my current and future clients, taking my story-telling skills into the motion arena. 

      It's truly a logical next step, not just because there is more demand, but that it is an extension of what I do well, photographing people doing what they do and talking about it in front of the camera. 
To date, I've completed several projects for clients combining sit-down interviews and voice-over with b-roll to communicate their messages to the world.

     This year, my favorites so far include the Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest and a client success story,  Read Better Be Better's site leader orientation for a local literacy program, and A Fine Art painter who lets her brushes do that talking.

Arizona Center for Law in the Public Interest

Linda D'Elia Fine Artist

Read Better Be Better Site Leader Orientation