Doing Something More: Top Company, Corporate Group Photos

Drive Time
          Last spring I spent about three weeks running all over the Valley creating a collection of corporate team photos with an eye toward doing something more. In many cases, the expectation was pretty simple. Line up a group of anywhere from five to 50 and, it was hoped, with some sort of branding in the frame.

          All of these companies were on the list. A list of finalists for the Top Companies to work for in the Valley. Group photos are often not seen as sexy or choice among assignments, but in my world I always try to change that by finding another level of creation and delivery.

          I love the job, and I love especially when my clients afford me the time and sense of fun, that  sense of collaboration in trying, even in some small way, to take the work up a notch.

          Like punching up a picture when we have no choice but to photograph outdoors at noon by overpowering the sun and blasting a group of 25 tech workers a bright red car with all the power my light kit could muster.

          Or make some financial folks look a little like a rock band in suits on their CD cover. (anyone out there still buy cd's?), or just having fun with whatever occurs to all of us in the moment.

           So, with no further adieu, let me share my favorites of this year's Top Companies to work for in the Valley.
Edward Jones
Equity Methods
Equity Methods
Equity Methods
Farmers Insurance
MFRG-ICON Construction
Panda Restaurants
Point B
Point B