Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Goodmans' Goodguys and Goodphotos

Good Threads guiding children through the selection f books at the Good Threads clothing distribution in Tucson.
The crew at First Place, where this night, the downs residents cook dinner for the senior residents. First place is a community where people with downs syndrome live an autonomous life in their own apartments in a complex with retirees who have their back when they need a little help or guidance. First Place is constructing a new complex right on light rail on Central Avenue.

           So the Goodmans folks had an interesting idea they wanted to bring to life, and at the recommendation of a friend, they had a look at my work, and decided my style and approach fit seamlessly.

           The project, to photograph some of the organizations that the office structures company supports in the Phoenix and Tucson areas. Document what they do, for the creation of huge black and white prints to hang in the newly remodeled Goodmans office space to serve as a regular inspiration to Goodmans employees who work often split their work days between office structures sales and installation with their ongoing support of selected non-profits.

           It was a fun and amazing project and I wanted to thank Julia Zolondz, Allison Van Dyke and the crew at Goodmans Office Structures for the opportunity to create this work.

In the Read Better Be Better program a "Big," reads for his two "Little" charges in the RBBB after school reading program designed to raise the reading level of third graders when it is most critical.
Goodmans own AIM to Make a Difference program re-purposes used and refurbished office furniture to give to 501(c)3 organizations who need the help.

Free Arts gives access to the arts to at risk children to harness the healing power of the arts. We spent a wonderful day documenting Free Arts' good works at the Children's Museum in Phoenix.

Local First Arizona reaches out to local businesses and teaches them about sustaining local markets by switching at least ten percent of their spending power to local businesses, keeping income local, and circulating in the community, and supporting the many small businesses as a result.
Sense of scale: I had no idea until later in the project just how big these would be!
With Helene from Local First on of the organizations that is supported in part by Goodmans.

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